Returning to Church-Phase Two 

December 1, 2020  

Apostolic Faith is a place of religious worship and all gatherings at Apostolic Faith are for the pur pose of religious worship, in accordance with Article 14 of the Executive Order of the Office of the  Governor of the State of Michigan (Order 2020-70). All gatherings of religious institutions and all  travel to and from those gatherings are exempt from penalty and/or prosecution for violation of  the executive order.  

Measures & Expectations to Protect You  

Although LIVE Stream is still an option for those who have pre-existing conditions or  those who are at higher risk of contracting this virus, we endeavor to reopen our doors  for service on Sunday, December 6th @ 11am. Apostolic Faith’s protocol for your pro tection in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, is as follows:  

  • While in the facility we encourage that every person wear a mask, especially  when not seated.  
  • Practice Social Distancing where it is possible.  
  • Upon entering the facility members should sanitize &/or wash their hands. Sani tizing stations are set up through out the building.  
  • Temperatures will be checked by a No Contact Thermometer upon entering  the facility through the front entrance.  
  • We will be entering the facility through our Front Door ONLY. Both doors will  be available for exit.  
  • There will be IMPACT KIDZ (Sunday School) See Sis. Dunlap for further details. 
  • The Nursery will be available only for changing diapers by parents/guardians until further notice. There will not be Nursery Staff available at this time.  • We encourage that you do your giving through online, PayPal or by dropping  off your Tithe & Offering upon leaving the building, or by mail.  
  • If you have a cough, been sick, have recently had a fever within the past 10  days or feel that you have been exposed to COVID-19 please consider stay ing home.  

We will continue to do our part to make sure that our facility is well sanitized following  each service and to make sure that we make Hand Sanitizer available for you.  Again, LIVE Stream is still an option for those 65 years and older, those with pre-exist ing health conditions, or those who are not comfortable in attending at this time.  We will re-evaluate this and there will be modifications as we integrate back into full  church operation.  

Schedule Update:  

Also, throughout the month of December we will ONLY have Sunday Services and will  inform you of schedule changes for future dates. With that being said, Thursday Se vices will be ONLINE, so be sure to tune in for our Special Guest Speaker. You will en joy this surprise!  

Pastor Matt Sams
Lead Pastor

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Southgate, MI. 48195

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