PASTOR MATT SAMS is from Minonk, Il. where his parents, Samuel I. Sams & Mrs. Linda L. Sams, Pastored the Pentecostals of Minonk, which was a revival church with miracles, signs and wonders.

In 2015 God began to deal with him about the Downriver area and the many souls who have yet to hear of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has experienced the power of restoration in his life and wants to see that power on display in the lives of others in the Detroit Metro area.

With the help of his wife Nikki Sams, together they are leading Apostolic Faith into the Endtime Revival that God has designed for the Downriver Area!
Pastor Sams has been involved in Crusades in Hawaii and will be going to the Philippines and Argentina, preaching and teaching this great gospel. He is passionate about living an abundant life in Christ and within the lives of those bound by addictions, depression, physically and spiritually. God has used his ministry to help pull those in the gutters of their lives out to stand on the solid Rock.

He has been serving in ministry since 199 , however his premiere calling in life is to be the husband of Nikki, father to his 7 children (Brianna, Nathan, Anthony, Chloe, Josiah, Addison & Marshall) and enjoy his 3 grandchildren ( ). He and his wife’s 4 younger children are apart of his ministry where they are being trained to serve in the church as well.

As it pertains to his ministry Bishop Mark Dunlap retired Pastor and Pastor Sams was voted in on January 1, 2017 as Lead Pastor of Apostolic Faith Temple. He is driven to preach, teach and help grow an Apostolic church in the Downriver Area. Later in the year of 2017 Bishop Wayne D. Parent approached Pastor Sams in regards to his retirement as Lead Pastor of Southgate Apostolic. After much prayer & counsel between the Bishop Mark Dunlap of Apostolic Faith Temple, the Leadership of both congregations felt that it was in the best interest of both congregations merging at the Southgate Campus. On January 14th, 2018, the merger was complete where they had over 100 in attendance for a powerful service where Bishop Parent passed on a great heritage to its new pastor, Pastor Matt Sams. From this a new church was birthed, Apostolic Faith. This seamless union could have only come together by the help, direction and blessing of the Lord.


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